Studio Aïsha Kanters

Studio Aïsha Kanters (she/her/they/them) is a one-person creative studio based in Utrecht. Her work is colorful. Through color Aïsha visualise ethical issues such as the impact of visual culture on identity and sexuality and visa-versa.


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What The Cl*t?! ︎︎︎

What The Cl*t?! contains a visual field study consisting of 170 drawings of a clitoris made by 170 individuals. The field study literally shows visually how well, or rather, unfortunately little we know about the clitoris.
2022 / Book / Field research


All about color, unique and handmade posters. The circle is centre of these poster series and the geometric shape combined with the pleasing color palette creates an aesthetic to stare into and even disappear for a moment.
2023 / Poster series / Color research

Colorful shapes ︎︎︎

Playful collages where colors, shapes, composition together with papers and textures.
2023 / Collage / Color research

Do The Right Thing ︎︎︎

Do the right thing is a sustainable clothing brand ownd by Mich Fesenmeier. Studio Aïsha Kanters developed an identity and a website.
2023 / Identity design / Webdesign

There Are Things Going On ︎︎︎

There are Things Going On features ten feminist ethical porn films. The focus of these publication is on the attention, details and care that is put in ethical porn films.
2019 / Publication / Found footage

Awaken ︎︎︎

Awaken is a poster serie about the toxic relationship we have with nature and how we deal with the discomfort about that. The world is warming, we know this but, still many people are looking in a different direction, especially those in positions of power and key positions.
2020 / Poster series / Collage

The Grey Space ︎︎︎

The poster series The Grey Space deals with sensitive social themes. The posters present a "new visual abstract language" and invite viewers to consider their own position within these themes.
2021 / Poster series / Field research

ABRI Magazine ︎︎︎

ABRI Magazine is a project of 33 second-year students of HKU Graphic Design, in collaboration with AG: Room for new art and media. The starting point was the phenomenon of tourism. Halfway through the research, the perspective on our research field was really unexpectedly tilted; what is the meaning of tourism in a situation where everyone is expected to stay at home as much as possible?
2020 / Collective project / Magazine / Photography

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