Studio Aïsha Kanters

Studio Aïsha Kanters (she/her/they/them) is a one-person creative studio based in Utrecht. Her work is colorful. Through color Aïsha visualise ethical issues such as the impact of visual culture on identity and sexuality and visa-versa.


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All about colour, unique and handmade posters. CIRCLE PRINTS is a 10-piece poster series. From time to time Aïsha comes up with new colour combinations, so, the series is always growing.

Project CIRCLE PRINTS is one from their hearts. It is all about the love for colour and what colour combinations can do and how they interact. The circle is the centre of these poster series and the geometric shape combined with the pleasing colour palette creates an aesthetic to stare into and even disappear for a moment

Photography by @bymichifesen

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2023 / Poster series / Colour research

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