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There Are Things Going On

There Are Things Going On features ten feminist ethical porn films. The focus of these publication is on the attention, details and care that is put in ethical porn films. The starting point of this project came from their own observation; the lack of good and fun information about sexuality, in porn. Although porn does not directly serve the purpose of education, porn is nevertheless a place where people can learn and enjoy sex(uality). In a world full of porn they researched feminist and ethical porn industries. And they discovered how complex the making processes are.

For example; the various stories told in these films, the perspectives (more focus on female pleasure), the care for beautiful lighting, clothes, make-up and well thought-out settings that support the feeling of the story.

All content in There Are Things Going On publication, is retrieved form the internet. Images and text are publicly published on Erika Lusts website, a feminist erotic filmmaker. The found material, that they used, is placed in a story of the representation that is seen inethical porn.

Photography Daan Kamerman

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