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The Grey Space

The poster series The Grey Space  explores with sensitive social themes. The posters present a "new visual abstract language" and invite viewers to consider their own position within these themes.

Project The Grey Space, explores what concerns intersectional feminists today. The questions 'who are today's feminists' and 'what are they fighting for' where central to this project. And then ‘how to develop a new language for a complex and sensitive social topic like intersectional feminism’. Precisely because the term intersectional feminism is about inequality between women and men, as well as gender inequality, heteronormativity, poverty issues, racism and opportunity inequality, the conversation is layered, complex and sensitive.

The posters open up the subject and show viewers where the nuances, contradictions and complexities lie. The new visual language adds colour to the grey area of intersectional feminism and inspires viewers to engage in conversation about this multi-layered topic.

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