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Awaken is a poster serie about the toxic relationship we have with nature and how we deal with the discomfort about that. The world is warming, we know this but, still many people are looking in a different direction, especially those in positions of power and key positions.  

While nature is now being brought into the city in progressive projects, for example, large parks are the health of a city. And people take good care of their gardens and balconies and take all kinds of plants into their homes to feel ‘connected’ to nature.

Giving these examples, is the bouquet not the most paradoxical example of how we humans are in contact with nature? On one hand, you get the most beautiful that nature has to offer at home; flowers - nature at its peak. On the other hand, we see the cut flowers wither and die in a short time.

The cut and paste work in Awaken symbolises how naturally we interact with nature. The bright and fluorescent use of colour supports that unnaturalness. The title Awaken, is meant to awaken the viewer and question their relationship with nature, if only in small ways, such as how to take care of your plants.

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