Studio Aïsha Kanters

Studio Aïsha Kanters (she/her/they/them) is a one-person creative studio based in Utrecht. Her work is colorful. Through color Aïsha visualise ethical issues such as the impact of visual culture on identity and sexuality and visa-versa.


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ABRI Magazine ︎︎︎

ABRI Magazine is a project of 33 second-year students of HKU Graphic Design, in collaboration with AG: Room for new art and media. The starting point was the phenomenon of tourism. Halfway through the research, the perspective on our research field was really unexpectedly tilted; what is the meaning of tourism in a situation where everyone is expected to stay at home as much as possible? In this period of reflection, how do we view the increasing influence that the tourism industry has on life in our inner cities? And to what extent will it be carefree traveling to see more of the world, to tick the highlights on our bucket list or to gain authentic experiences in exotic places in the future?

Together with Peter Roeleveld, Esmeè Jakubowski and Juul van der Zandt we designed all 33 projects into a magazine. Not only did we determine the appearance of the magazine, but also the format, type of paper, editorial and typography were our responsibilities.

Ontwaken (own poster)
Suddenly we are at home. In a space we usually live our daily life, a place that we are not attached to in normal situations. Unexpectedly, our home becomes a space in which we have to integrate other parts of our life. We also have to organize our summer differently than we are used to. What do you do if you normally want to go on holiday in nature? In times of home insulation, how and where do you find a different, perhaps new encounter with nature?
2020 / Collective project / Magazin/ Photography

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