Pink Things        11/2019

In the two-part photo series Pink Things, they explored the feminine energy in themself. She asked reflective questions like; what does femininity mean to me, being born a woman, but not necessarily fully identifying as how (western) society sees womanhood. Which parts are authentically feminine and which feel forced? And how does intimacy play a role in this story, in relation to the feminine side in the self.

They explored these questions through the medium of photography by self-examination on camera. With the medium of photography, they pushed their boundaries to see what they did not want to show. What appears on camera is what others may see and wanted to show of themselves at that time.

The colour pink is a staple in this work and is even the title of the work. The pink is intense, almost energetic and also questions the theme on another layer, as pink classically represents women. The colour gives the viewer the experience of being trapped a cubicle and at the same time taking back the power by using it as a weapon and fully embracing it.