Collective HALFNAAKT          

Aïsha is co-owner and founder of collectieve HALFNAAKT. HALFNAAKT started as a study project. Back then, they designed a curriculum for sex education in high school. After the project ended, they decided to continue as a design/art collective under the name HALFNAAKT! 

The collective, consisting of five visual makers; three of them have a graphic design background and the other two have an illustrative background. As a collective of visual artists they strive towards a world in which we can openly discuss sexuality and identity. Where we can be vulnerable, take off our clothes, or put them back on. A world in which we listen to each other, without judgment. They love to keep talking, experimenting and never stop learning. In their diverse visual work, they open up these conversations, in a colorful and inclusive way.

Take a look on their website and learn more about Halfnaakt!